Database Marketing

A day doesn't pass nowadays without reports about "Big Data" on TV or in newspapers or online news. Back in the 1980s, long before the advent of big data, CCC began offering customers new lifestyles that CCC designed using its database on TSUTAYA members. In October 2003 we launched the shared point service "T Point" to evolve our database marketing tools as a culture infrastructure and environment that better pleases and entertains people and the world.

In its first decade, "T Point" has grown to become a popular system trusted by customers and companies all across Japan. CCC supports marketing activities that connect customers with retail stores, distributors, and manufacturers based on data on diversified lifestyles and the largest number of CCC's unique members in Japan.

CCC would like to continue serving customers as a marketing partner that creates a bright future for companies.

Data Has to be More than Big to Make Marketing Successful

CCC's data on diverse lifestyles (purchases and actions) continues to stream in from up to 100 T Point alliance partners or more, both online and offline, for every single ID (single source). A T Point ID is an active and unique number assigned to one person. Over 47 million persons, over 30% of the population of Japan, have their T Point IDs.

Apart from our original analyses and marketing solutions using this data, we provide various direct media services to deliver optimal information and services to every single T member.

CCC "CRM for Manufacturers"

General manufacturers that sell products both online and in physical retail stores are less likely to have access to a single source of data useful for overall marketing activities. Without this data, they can hardly expect to achieve thorough CRM based on their purchaser demographics and consumption patterns.

CCC's "CRM for Manufacturers" service has been provided since 2011. With help from CCC's original PDCA cycle focused on CRM solutions, CCC's marketing support services increase the sales of products and services for companies and win companies more loyal customers.

●Capable of understanding the personalities of customers (attributes and orientation)
* E.g., data analysis and research
●Capable of developing and implementing the best communication and product strategies
* Developing and implementing strategies (e.g., direct media)
●Capable of verifying the actions and motivations of target customers
  • "Who acted and who didn't, and why or why not?"
  • "Who purchased and who didn't, and why or why not?"
* E.g., data analysis and research
●Capable of developing and implementing optimal improvement plans

With a combination of CCC's original analysis and solutions, companies not only repeat one-shot PDCA cycles in marketing, but achieve continuous "PDCA spirals" to increase customers and customer loyalty, all using a single data source at the core to improve their marketing ROI.
CCC does not provide any information that personally identifies you.
See here for details.

Current: Typical PDCA method
One-shot PDCA cycle

Future: CCC PDCA method
PDCA spiral

Direct Media

We stage promotions and database-targeted mail through TSUTAYA stores, T Point alliance stores, and our T member base (targeting marketing research and promotion strategies such as direct mail and POS coupons).

  • Targeting promotions
  • Store promotions
  • Display ads, etc.

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