Our Businesses

CCC Design Company

  • Planning commercial facilities
  • Planning libraries and operating them on commission
  • Planning and operating cafes and restaurants


  • Franchising TSUTAYA (franchiser)
  • Planning, designing, opening, and operating TSUTAYA direct stores

CCC Entertainment Company

  • Planning and producing movie and music software
  • Planning and producing movies, dramas, music videos, and commercials
  • Publishing books and magazines

CCC Marketing Company

  • Operating the T Point program
  • Managing T Point
  • Consulting through database marketing
  • Planning promotions through database marketing

Database marketing business: Details


  • Operating the online delivery rental service TSUTAYA DISCAS
  • Operating the video distribution service TSUTAYA TV
  • Operating the general entertainment e-commerce service TSUTAYA Online Shopping
  • Operating the music distribution service TSUTAYA MUSICO
  • Web & mobile site Integration IMJ Groupe

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