CCC Key Concepts

The Culture Infrastructure Company

Once we satisfy our basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter in daily living, we aspire to actualize ourselves by searching for our own styles.
When we buy clothing, for example, we think beyond the functions of dressing or being dressed. Instead we compare the designs and styles, and often the names of the brands. After we find a "good design" or "preferred brand," we consider whether the garment expresses our personal style and fits our sense of self. Fashion apparel is just one example of a pattern that extends into every part of our lives - into music, movies, books, travel, cooking, automobiles, living, the arts, and more.
When CCC was founded, TSUTAYA was created as mainly as a place for selecting styles, less as a place for buying or renting goods. Today, twenty-some years later, our lifestyles are still evolving but this concept remains the same. We have evolved as adaptors to contemporary culture and current demand.
As a lifestyle navigator in an era of holographically changing styles, CCC has developed a "culture infrastructure" - a toolkit for bringing more joy and happiness to people and society through all phases of living, for offering "lifestyle recommendations" via retail stores, online services, card services, and one-to-one marketing services to people with a cultivated sense of their own individuality and styles.

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