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Codes of Conduct of the CCC Group

  1. Be the one who best understands customers.
  2. Don't just listen to customers. Do what is good for them.
  3. Do things customers appreciate.
  4. Shape your own life and strive to become a top professional in a certain area.
  5. Be proud of keeping promises. Achieve all of your commitments. Every broken promise sows a little evil.
  6. Make decisions on the spot. Delaying a problem is itself a problem.
  7. Combine actual and real information on-site.
    Don't stay in the company; stay in the world.
  8. Be popular. Information is harder to come by for the disliked.
  9. Plan, plan, and plan. Courage, courage, and courage.
    Don't be afraid of failure. Growth lies ahead.
  10. Think of expenditures before looking at incomes.

Follow these Codes of Conduct today.
Established on October 28, 2003

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