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Message from Representative Director and CEO Muneaki Masuda

CCC Is a Planning Company

Hearing us describe Culture Convenience Club as a "planning company" may not strike a chord with many people. What kind of company doesn't plan? People in all sorts of companies go through the process, throwing ideas back and forth at meetings to hammer out plans for what they become.
But Culture Convenience Club is a little different. For us, "planning" means creating new mechanisms with the potential to spark revolutionary lifestyle changes. Our business, our "planning," means presenting and proposing different lifestyle choices that anyone can apply, then building the infrastructure, platforms, and services to accommodate the lifestyles people choose.

TSUTAYA - Our maiden effort

TSUTAYA was our first project, the launching pad for our "planning" mission. Movies, music, and books for sale and rental all at one store. We nurtured this idea into a lifestyle recommendation service of nationwide proportions that anyone can use. Today, of course, the idea has become natural and even standard. But 30 years ago, when our business was established, the idea was a breakthrough. The TSUTAYA of today exists as natural phenomenon, a massive point of contact for Japanese people and entertainment. Vastly more Japanese people nowadays watch movies on DVD than go to the cinema. They also purchase more music (CD purchases together with music downloads) than Americans, which makes Japan the world's biggest music marketplace. TSUTAYA exists not only to sell or rent movies, music, and books, but to help people find you're their own lifestyles (= how they live) through movies, music, and books.

The T Card Project

After TSUTAYA, our next venture was the "T Card." When I saw the number of point cards and credit cards stretching the seams of my wallet, I realized a solution was needed. "What if all these could be rolled into a single card that could earn points at various stores and be used just about anywhere?" That was the idea behind T Card. Now, 10 years on from its debut, the T Card can earn points at over 60,000 stores. T Card holders have surpassed 47 million, which means that one in every three Japanese people has this card.

Only dreams can be realized.

Planning, for us, means identifying values that customers have yet to discover, then offering proposals and making those values real. Many of the concepts we think up are so bold and original, they can be difficult to understand when initially planned. Some of them sound downright weird when we propose, but have the potential to one day become standard ways of living. Our job is to shape these concepts into realities and win support for them as they grow. Dreams are the key support for the toughest concepts to nurture. This might sound like a romantic notion, but dreams are our engines, our drive. We have come to see, uniquely, that a concept can only be realized through dreaming. Without dreams, nothing can come true.

Our promise and our gratitude

The two things we value most, in our work to realize dreams, are promises and gratitude. Neither can be easily achieved. Making promises is easy, but following through is another story. And the better a business runs, the easier it becomes to neglect gratitude. Taking promises or gratitude for granted would weaken CCC as a planning company as a matter of course. Why? Because our plans can sound weird to people at first. To gain support for our plans, we have to convince people to trust us more than they understand us. CCC is much more than a company aiming for profits. Culture Convenience Club puts top priority on promises and gratitude as an organization of principles and ideals.

Muneaki Masuda
Representative Director and CEO
Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.

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