TSUTAYA’s Masterpiece Rediscovery

Real Entertaining Movies Selected by 100 Movie Lovers

Want to find an entertaining movie? Then check out TSUTAYA's Masterpiece Rediscovery, a massive collection of specially ranked titles you can find at TSUTAYA stores throughout Japan. 

A hundred movie lovers inside and outside TSUTAYA have reviewed and ranked more than 40,000 titles in TSUTAYA's vast movie collection. The ranking is based on a single criteria: entertainment value. Arcane masterpieces are culled from the highest-ranking selections. 

Some of the titles with top-level entertainment value were never before released in DVD or Blu-ray formats. Others were no longer in distribution or had entered the public domain (their copyrights had expired). Titles like these required special negotiations with sales agencies and licensers to reproduce or create new DVDs. 

We didn't choose the titles for being new or famous. What mattered to us was the entertainment value. TSUTAYA's Masterpiece Rediscovery project offers a wonderful selection of hidden, long-forgotten, and hardly-ever-watched titles to help you rediscover how entertaining movies can be.

We're sure to hear you thinking, "Now that's entertainment."

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