A Café Bookstore for Selecting Books over Coffee

TSUTAYA, a purveyor of lifestyle choices through books, has created a stimulating and elegant space for selecting books at your own pace.

At BOOK&CAFE you can sit back at a café table and peruse books you haven't purchased while breathing in the aroma of fine coffee. You can even drink the coffee while you browse the shelves. After you purchase a book, take it back to a table for an absorbing read. 

TSUTAYA built its first BOOK&CAFE at TSUTAYA ROPPONGI, Tokyo in 2003. The concept succeeded instantly, so we exported it to other cities all over Japan. In 2013 we launched "Culfe," a new café brand with sundry menus and comfortable spaces created in the BOOK&CAFE style.

TSUTAYA will continue enhancing BOOK&CAFE as a bookstore where book lovers not only purchase books, but select and read them in a wonderful new way.

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