Playground Project

Joint Project to Support the “Community with Kids” in Soma City, Fukushima

In September 2013, T Point, Yahoo! JAPAN, TSUTAYA, the architect Toyo Ito, the architect firm Klein Dytham, and the Soma City Government jointly launched the "Playground Project."

The project is a new phase of a campaign launched after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 to give T Point cardholders the opportunity to use their T Point cards to bring smiles to the faces of kids in disaster-affected areas. The project members will pool their strengths and abilities to help construct an indoor playground for kids in Soma City, Fukushima.

The project members are applying their knowledge and technical skills to support the construction of the indoor playground as a community space where kids can play and families can gather with peace of mind and a sustainable sense of community.


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