Lifestyle Laboratory

The Planning Group Provides Data & and Sensitive Recommendations to Propose “How nice!.”

All CCC projects share a single concept - "Lifestyle Navigation." This concept now takes form in the TSUTAYA store and T Card.

Our newest plan is to build up our new Lifestyle Laboratory as a new "mechanism for lifestyle navigation." The name "Laboratory" may be misleading, as no formal research will actually be conducted.

The Laboratory is a collection of what we call "producers," creative people eager to develop the concept of lifestyle navigation. Our producers take advantage of CCC databases to devise different lifestyles.

Want to know how to enjoy music, liven up your life with cars, or find a new style of working? The Lifestyle Laboratory is coming soon to spice up pieces of your life.

Executive Officer
Director, Music Life Laboratory

Hiromichi Suganuma

The “Music Life Laboratory” produces scenes that bring people into touch with music.
One in three people in Japan now has a T Card, and every one of them is a valuable source of trends and information.
The T card tells us countless consumer behaviors and preferences. We might learn, for example, that “people who rent Western or jazz CDs from TSUTAYA tend to buy morning meals at coffee shops,” or that “people who read a certain fashion magazine are more likely to buy functional food.” The data from T Card reveals patterns we never attempted to experience or estimate and links them with plans for new dimensions.

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