Reproduction Cinema Library

Unforgettable “Masterpieces” Now Available on DVD

Movies that have changed your life... the first movies you ever saw in a theater... movies you watched together with fondly remembered dates. Movies are linked with the life memories of the people who watch them.

The past abounds with cinematic masterpieces you don't remember and hidden treasures you've never even heard about. The "Reproduction Cinema Library" project brings back DVDs of movies never before available in disk format.

Rare film reproductions available only on VHS used to be traded at extravagant prices on auction sites for secondhand items, some costing as much as of 50,000 yen. To provide customers with film classics for less effort and cost, CCC has introduced a DVD Manufacturing-On-Demand (MOD) system and concluded licensing agreements with Hollywood agents to manufacture and sell DVDs at TSUTAYA.

The "Reproduction Cinema Library" can burn DVDs at your request and deliver them to a TSUTAYA store or even your home.


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