Origin of TSUTAYA Name

In deference to “Juzaburo Tsutaya”

Our company has two reasons for calling its stores TSUTAYA:

1. Muneaki Masuda, the founder of TSUTAYA (now the Representative Director and CEO of Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.), had a grandfather who ran a business called "Tsutaya."

2. In deference to Juzaburo Tsutaya, the proprietor of the wholesale publishing house "Koshodo" during the Edo Period.

Juzaburo, a promoter of the renowned Ukiyo-e artist Sharaku, is thought to have been a prolific promoter of top-class talent in this day. Though many years fall between our times and the Edo Period, the goal of Culture Convenience Club to become the premiere Planning Company for Information Distribution still emulates the achievements of Juzaburo Tsutaya.

*Extract from Kojien, Iwanami Shoten (original written in Japanese)
[Tsutaya] The name of a publisher and bookstore in the Edo Period.
1. A wholesale publishing house located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo (the probable birthplace of Juzaburo Tsutaya) from around 1772 to 1781.
2. A wholesale publishing house originally located at Yoshiwara-Daimon, Tokyo and later transferred to Toriabura-Cho, Nihonbashi.
[Juzaburo Tsutaya] Master of Tsutaya.
Juzaburo had close friendships with numerous kyokashi (producers and teachers of comic tanka) and novelists in the Edo Period. Kitagawa Utamaro, Jippensha Ikku, and Takizawa Bakin all lived with him temporarily (1750 to 1797).

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