Civil Life Navigation from Library

TAKEO CITY LIBRARY is CCC's first attempt in planning and administration as a "Lifestyle Navigator."

TAKEO CITY LIBRARY and Historical Museum were reopened on 1 April, 2013 as a multipurpose civil space to enable "civil life navigation from a library." The space has been designed under a "new library concept" formulated with the Takeo City Government in Saga to build a venue more accessible and enriching to civil life than a conventional library - a space everyone wants to visit.

TAKEO CITY LIBRARY is far more than a depository for loaning books and providing the other functions associated with a conventional library. The new space brings together library, bookstore, and café functions, with ample space for browsing, having coffee, and studying, working, and chatting. Amenities for citizens from every walk of life and age demographic are designed into the facility.

Every stage of development for the TAKEO CITY LIBRARY has been a collaboration between public and private sector, from the first stages of planning and procurement of books to the preparations for opening, explanations to citizens, and the day-to-day operations now underway. TAKEO CITY LIBRARY won the Good Design Gold Award 2013.

CCC Design Library Company

Satoru Takahashi

TAKEO CITY LIBRARY was born from a request to bring DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS to Takeo City, a mid-sized town with a population of about 50,000.

CCC is a “Culture Infrastructure Company.” Throughout the TAKEO CITY LIBRARY project, the community relied on CCC as a “company that changes regions with culture infrastructure.”

Our 12 project members are willing to engage in urban development projects beyond the planning and operation of libraries.

CCC envisions new projects to restore regional station squares and public other spaces to inspire citizens with dreams and bring out the local pride of towns throughout Japan –
We will never stop our hard work to help towns achieve their dreams.

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