Gatekeepers Open the Door for Culture as Specialists in Their Genre

DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS and its progeny, TSUTAYA BOOKS, appoint staff members as "concierges."

Over 30 concierges now work for DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS as specialists in lifestyle genres such as food and cooking, travel, and jazz.

As lifestyle specialists, they advise customers, make proposals, select products, host events, and manage their sections creatively in many ways.

The norm for chain store management is control by sophisticated standardized routines from one branch to another. Concierges break this mold by focusing on human beings instead of mechanisms or systems.

Unique concierges provide unique customers with lifestyle proposals on lifestyles, and then concierges will be raised by their customers at the same time.
We believe TSUTAYA BOOKS will continue advancing to ever-expanding frontiers together with its concierges.


concierge-hum1.jpg concierge-hum2.jpg concierge-hum3.jpg concierge-hum4.jpg

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