Wouldn’t It Be Fantastic If an Office was an Art Space?

We see and feel art. When exposed to art, we find it interesting, or beautiful, or fun, or wonderful, or annoying, or whatever else.

What if we could find art in a daily workplace? If art becomes a fixture in daily life for the staff at CCC, their work will be more inspired.

We have achieved a project for placing artworks in office space thanks "ART IN THE OFFICE," a publicly offered course taught by MONEX GROUP, Inc.

We select eight winning artworks from the public every year and put them on display in the CCC office. At the end of the year, we return the artworks to the artists who created them.

As a planning company, CCC also accepts unrealized concepts from people with ideas but no wherewithal to make the ideas into art. Concept creators can also win prizes if they come up with wonderful plans.

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