Work Style

The Work Style of a Planning Company

To become the "World's Top Planning Company" -
Is the vision we have aspired to since our founding at CCC.

CCC sets "freedom" as its working value.
Our concept of work freedom is simple: we want to work "on whatever we like, with whomever we like, in whatever way we like, whenever we like."

This idea may sound easy, but it turns out to be extremely difficult to put into practice. From one perspective, this idea of freedom can come across as simple selfishness or self-indulgence.
CCC envisions a more generous freedom based on both in "independence" and "gratitude."

CCC even sets "freedom" as a work style, allowing its people to decide how to use and arrange their offices.

If CCC employees feel a need to be alone, they can stay quietly at their desks. If they want to communicate, they can head to the CCC CAFÉ for meetings with colleagues.

The CCC CAFÉ is a relaxing, creative area usable as a dining room, café, or meeting/exhibition space. Employees can use the space however they and their teams please.
They can browse bookshelves full of useful information for planning, or pique their creativity by experiencing spectacular artworks (publicly) in the "Art in the Office" exhibit at CCC CAFÉ.

As a builder of "Culture Infrastructure" to enrich the world, the planning company CCC offers its own people "freedom," "independence," and a sense of "gratitude" in their careers.

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