HOUSE VISION “Editable House”

Residential Plan “Editable House”

The HOUSE VISION project interprets a "house" as an intersection of various industries under the theme of "visualizing a new industrial vision" (planned by: Kenya Hara, Representative Director, Nippon Design Center). Several companies and architects who believe in the concept presented proposals on "residence" in exhibition houses in February 2013.

People edit their styles by selecting their favorite books, movies, and music in daily life. Why not make a house just as adaptable to a person's lifestyle? We proposed a model "user-editable" house in collaboration with Real Tokyo Estate, a leader in the renovation industry.

We disassembled various parts and materials composing a house and recombined them into modules people can use to "edit" their habitation space. Our editable exhibition houses have won favorable reviews.

TSUTAYA BOOKS Opened up a Store for a Limited Time to showcase the “Residence” Theme

DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS opened a store for a limited time in the shared facilities of "HOUSE VISION 2013 TOKYO EXHIBITION."

To highlight the "Residence" keyword and theme for HOUSE VISION, we prepared an original selection of books reinterpreting the "Residence" concept in different dimensions by applying lifestyle themes such as "travel," "literature," "cars," "food/cooling," and "art" to books on architecture selected by the concierges of DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS. Many customers dropped by.

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