TSUTAYA Postal Return

Return Your CD and DVD Rentals in the mail.

Need to go out to return your stuff to TSUTAYA in the rain? Forgot the return date and got stuck with an overdue fee? - TSUTAYA's Postal Return service is a perfect solution for you. Post from more than 180,000 post boxes throughout Japan (Japan Post Group). Use a close-by post box to return CDs and DVDs you rented from a store.


Our dedicated carrying case is the perfect size for posting and holds up to six CDs or DVDs when you borrow in volume (for TV series, for example). The postal charge comes to only 100 yen per return (tax included).


With TSUTAYA'a Postal Return service, you can rent DVDs anywhere in Japan and return them near your house (or vice versa). No more inconvenient trips back to TSUTAYA when you happen to be far away. The conventional notion of "renting" has changed.

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